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A toast to new and absent friends

Meet Enzo, my newest recruit and friend. He has a lot of qualities. He is kind yet very energetic, determined yet not one to take things too seriously. Above all - he is likable. I mean really likable. People of all ages and genders gets drawn to him, but more importantly – he draws out a&...

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2016 in Retrospect

​There was no way around 2016. You could say it was overdue. That I had it coming. I love my work and for the past two decades I have been working a lot while sleeping a lot less, even skipping sleep altogether with some frequency. The ability to keep going with little or no sleep has often been a blessi...

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Be true to your digital self

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The nature of what I do means I am involved in projects and companies that often have a digital life of their own, extending my digitial activity to other contexts. But even though there may be some (very limited) activity on the various Facebook's and Twitter's of the world, this website will remain the company's main digital presence. H...

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