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Be true to your digital self

Be true to your digital self

The nature of what I do means I am involved in projects and companies that often have a digital life of their own, extending my digitial activity to other contexts. But even though there may be some (very limited) activity on the various Facebook's and Twitter's of the world, this website will remain the company's main digital presence. 

Here you will find posts about news, ideas, and learnings I come across in my work. It will likely be about leading and developing people in creative businesses and how to use experienced based learning tools to achieve result improvements. But it may also be about digitalization of society in general or something entirely different I find interesting enough to share. 

There are of course zillions of ways to broadcast the better (or worse) sides of yourself in digital channels these days, and equally many ways to outsmart yourself planning your digital media presence. You could go all ambitious and decide to be everywhere, which is great if you have the time to post unique content that take advantage of each platform's strengths. However, if you don't it might backfire and you risk coming across as repetitive, cynical and something of an attention-seeker. 

On the other end of the scale, you could decide to be nowhere at all, which would save you a lot of time but become really annoying to people who wants to know more about you. Not to mention the loss of business opportunities. Either way you need to make a choice. 

In no way do I claim to be a digital marketing expert, but my advise to myself – to anyone really – is that prior to any marketing strategy decisions, you need to make sure that whatever choices you make are honest. A true reflection of the physical self, rather than the digital avatar super-self we seem so prone to promote. If customers or clients does not approve of who you really are, your primary problem does not lie within the realms of digital marketing. 

I will try to keep this site honest and true so that we can learn and grow from new experiences together. After all, that's the essence of what I do. in any case, this website upgrade was long overdue and I am happy to announce this new version of the site. 

Welcome to the new home of digital me.



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Friday, 24 September 2021